Transmission of Financial Asset                                

Losing your loved ones is certainly painful and a family takes really a lot of time to recover from the vacuum. However, more troublesome is when the fixed asset, financial assets and other transaction which needs transmission to the legal heir of the asset. Each asset has its complication and procedure to get the same transferred in favour of the rightful owner. The family needs handholding to deal with the complexities of handling the same, especially with the death of the main bread earner. We have observed families not only struggle to handle the documentations but also manage assets that do not have any nomination or 2nd holder to claim the amount.

We at Security have an experience of over 5 decades in handling all financial assets transmission to the legal heirs. On the first hand, we take special care for our clients not to keep any investment without 2nd holder or nomination. We have a dedicated team to handle all such issues for clients and we ensure smooth transmission in the shortest span of time. Our experience of dealing with all products of investment and with our standing of over 5 decades gives us an edge in understanding financial products of yesteryears. The following are some of the issues that come our way for handling and its related issues;

Issues are:

  1. Post office investments where there is no nomination or 2nd holder in the investments

  2. Transmission of Mutual funds where KYC is not complied with.

  3. Fixed Deposits where is there is no nomination or 2nd holder.

  4. Physical shares not dematerialised and owned by the deceased without 2nd holder.

And many more such unusual situations are being faced by the families and our team with help of legal experts bring appropriate solutions.


What are Financial Assets?

Cash, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and bank deposits are all are examples of financial assets. Unlike land, property, commodities, or other tangible physical assets, financial assets do not necessarily have inherent physical worth or even a physical form.



"A well-functioning transmission should at some point go from the overnight right up to 40 years, and that is the ultimate objective in having monetary transmission that affects the whole gamut of borrowing tenure"

 Urjit Patel